Chilli Jam - Roasted Garlic & Caramalised Onion

Holy Sh!t - Massively surprised with the flavour and versatility of this jam / chutney! WOW



6/9/20231 min read

This is quite possible the best thing you can have in your fridge! This will go with everything. It is so versatile, and just the right amount of flavour. Infact if you like flavour this thing will still knock your socks off. We are all about big beautiful flavours here and this didnt dissapoint anyone of my friends who have tasted it! 100% recommended and well on its way to the first cookbook. The recipe here has taken some time to write, so please feel free to share this bad boy around, just tag us in it.

The Start of Chilli Jam
The Start of Chilli Jam