Popping Corks & Cooking on Coals

smoking charcoal grill
smoking charcoal grill
tasting wine next to fire in backyard
tasting wine next to fire in backyard
lit bonfire in closeup photography
lit bonfire in closeup photography

Quality BBQ Quality Wine

At Coals & Corks, we are all about refined roughness. We believe that roughing it doesn't have to mean sacrificing luxury. That means quality wine, quality meat and quality company no matter when, what or where you are.

We're building a community of like minded souls and aim to build the following over the next 12 months whilst having a whole lot of fun along the way.

  • Community BBQ Cookbook: With Your Recipes

  • Caravan Design and Manufacture

  • Wine tasting tips, tricks and reviews

  • Product reviews and must have product to purchase

So join the Instagram and Youtube channels, send in your recipes, pictures and wine suggestions and together we will learn more about wine, cooking and camping.

Join the Community

Join our community of wine sipping, cork popping, campfire cooking outdoor enthusiasts where we gossip and grill, have a swirl and spice it up!

Stay up to date on some great wine options and learn a thing or two about outdoor cooking, smoking and camping. Share your own tips and tricks and get inspired by others.

burning fire on black round container
burning fire on black round container


Heaps of great informative information and videos to step through all of the cooks and wine tastings that we have created so far!

Coals and Corks Instagram feed

Delivery Information

When products are available we will update this information. We expect wine tasting, scoring, glasses, camp equipment and other great products to be available over the coming months.

Coming Soon

To be updated once products have been reviewed and available.