24 Hour Tallow Infused Brisket

Dont take our word for it: Watch the video! This recipe uses a whole brisket that is trimmed of excess fat and injected with a mixture of beef tallow. and garlic. The brisket is then rubbed with more tallow and seasoned pepper, garlic, chilli, onion powder and paprika. The brisket is smoked at 250°F until it reaches an internal temperature of 150-160°F, then wrapped in butcher paper and smoked until it reaches 205°F. The brisket is rested for 30 min for every one hour, before slicing and serving.



7/12/20231 min read


  1. Pop a cork!

  2. Pull out the brisket and allow it to warm to room temperature.

  3. Inject the Brisket with tallow - 500ml tallow with 2 x tablespoon of olive oil (melted in microwave). Holding the tallow in, and allow to solidify.You should see the tallow solidify as it cools.

  4. Cover the brisket in the binder. Here I used an amazing mustard

  5. Rub generously in the Rub mix

  6. Heat your smoker to 225 Deg F

  7. Place your thermometer probes in the Brisket

  8. Once temperature is stable (~225 Deg F) for 20 min in the smoker then put on the brisket

  9. Once the internal temperature reaches 150-160 Deg F then wrap in butcher paper. I like to put the butcher paper in a boat of alfoil to help keep in the moisture. Do not fully cover the brisket in alfoil (ensure you can see the butcher paper at the top)

  10. At 200-205 Deg F the brisket should feel like butter

  11. Take it off, wrap it in a towel and place in an esky to rest. I like to rest for a minimum of 3 hours, but the rule of thumb is 30 min for every 60 min cook up to 6 hours. Place in the esky, monitor the temperature until it drops to 150-160 Deg F and then it is ready to take off and serve.