2016 Ironheart Shiraz

One of my favourites - This is bigger than a junkyard rat, with the personality to boost!



6/9/20231 min read

A powerful yet elegant wine that showcases the terroir of a high elevation site with sandy, ironstone soils. A wine that combines opulence and layering with freshness and structure. A wine that is rich and complex with a velvety texture and a lingering aftertaste. Can be a little difficult to get a hold of, but well worth the effort. The little amount of writing here is not a reflection of the lack of attitude this wine conveys, more a sense of awe that each mouthful demands. At $110 its not the cheapest, but for that special occasion, this one will wow the crowds!

Ironheart 2016 Yangarra Review Scribble
Ironheart 2016 Yangarra Review Scribble